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Thursday, July 12, 2001 - 01:43 p.m.

I guess the thing is... I don't like taking the time to record my life. It's not like anybody's really interested. Yet.

Dear Friend
Thursday, March 1, 2001 - 12:59 a.m.

I wrote this for a specific person, but I think it fits well here:

Longee timee noo talkee.

I wish I had recieved a form letter about your life so
I didn't have to ask all of the obvious questions.  As
a matter of fact, I'm not going to ask you all the
normal "what's up?" questions.   I just want to know
that you are doing well and are having fun.

Before you check the rest of this letter:
I don't have your phone number,
(help a brotha out?)

I have had a stressfull yet enriching past couple of
months.  I apologize for my lack of intimacy, but I
eat breathe and dream in bullet points these days:

     Feel free to skim this list and read 
     only what interests you

~~~~~~~~}~-~OWEN'S STORY~-~{~~~~~~~~~
-moved to Seattle - :)
-started work at Amazon.com - :)
-music: Get Up Kids "nothing to write home about"

-made a friend : Tom 
    > Vermont - ?Med School? - plays lax w/ me
-got better at work
-Thanksgiving mom broke ankle :(
-music: Jets to Brazil "Three Cornered Night"

-brief fling with coffe shop girl - emily  
-Pearl Jam's last concert in seattle
-Got sent to Altanta Georgia to ship toys for Xmas
    > Lived in a hotel for month - went to New Orleans
    > met a cool girl -> played it wrong
-Xmas skiing in Austria    *<|:-)   8-[
    > mother in wheelchair - tweaked my knee skiing
    > new years in innsbrook -> very euro - stress  
Music: no - not allowed in the warehouse  :-[

-Derailed at work because of the holidays :-k
-have a friend girl :) 
    > Alisa - grew up with bomber - 
    > lives with sister - and sister's girlfriend
-got a group of work buddies to hang out with
    > Jpak et al. - interesting people - I like
-01/30/2001 1300 Amazon.com employees laid off 
    > not me - two good friends - many others 
    > company became much older
    > unsure how it will affect me
    > made a ha-ha with jeff bezos at big
    > go team pep rally  :-}
-couple random dates
-music: Orbiter "mini LP" :-/

**FEB** (this is a big one)
-learning how to save money (?important?)
-Skiing                    *(H-)
    > Crystal Mt. - Mt Baker - Stevens Pass
    > Snoqualamie night skiing - Alpentoff
    > Weekend at Whistler/Blackcomb w/ christina
    > and tom :-/ 
-Quality of life
    > I like to read, and I'm learning to sketch
    > I find it easy to connect with Seattlites
    > Balance   ~/-
    > its been 50 degrees and sunny every weekend
    > this is the best climate I have ever lived in
    > You gotta see these f*cking mountains
-GIRL: Jaime
    > Shes a fashion buyer and lives in my apt
    > always have awesome conversations with her
    > helped her out of a bit of trouble the other day
    > I got a feelin... anyway.
-My job is a lot harder now  
    > Newfound interest in working hard 
    > I'm ok with it... I think
-Sister moves in with boyfriend 
    > I approve and love both of them
    > Got a team and a lax buddy
    > ready to rock  8-)
-about to see Jeff Tweedy
    > lead singer of Wilco
    > Powder's #1 band for at least 2 years
    > rockabilly chick (friend?) goin' with
    > Rock idols only come by once every never.
    > go buy Wilco "A.M." please... pretty please
- Mom still not better - surgery imminent


-2/28/2001 Earthquake  :-O
    > 6.8 on the richter scale
    > 100 miles north of epicenter
    > The historic building: PacMed -> that I
      work in was damaged severley.
    > I hid under a desk then ran outside
    > I have never been afraid for my life before
    > I still have adrenaline rushing (it's 12:35 pm)
    > I volunteered to be one of the big strong guys
      that went back in and rescued peoples coats keys
      and palm pilots and had a conversation w/ Jeff
    > when I got home, an apartment in building was 
      on fire - earthquake related
    > a few people I know got hurt
    > a really cool part of town got smashed..it sucks
> too much stress - I'm going skiing    =B-]

Music: Anything by WILCO or Jeff Tweedy
       Promise Ring "Very Emergency"
       764-Hero  "Get Here and Stay"

Anyway, here's the part where a take second and thank
you for being my friend....................done.

insert personal note

humorously yours,

owen, powder, o-dog, chowder, O, or some other stupid nick

busy as a beaver
Monday, February 26, 2001 - 03:40 p.m.

I am enjoying a newfound commitment to working hard. sort of... anyway, there is much to be done, and noone to do it but me. you do the math.

Italian Leather Sofa
Tuesday, February 20, 2001 - 12:06 a.m.

I got home from work at 11:00. Dropped my stuff off, and decided to go put a note on my broke-ass car. I get downstairs, and Jaime, the stunning fashion buyer/choreographer that lives in my apartment (Did I mention that she's drop-dead goregeous)was locked out of the apartment. Long story short, she came up to use my phone (the apt. was a little sloppy, but above average,) and the first thing she says is "I like your sofa." The fashionable laundry queen likes my sofa. Anyway, she had to run upstairs (quick... clean everything,) make a few phone calls, and call a cab. I said she could wait around for jack, if she wanted to, but she had a suitcase stuffed full of next fall's New York fashions, which she really wanted to have locked up tonight. I got my mp3's rolling in under a minute from cold start (she liked the computer) and we hung out for five minutes talking about fashion in NYC, It was fantastic. As she was leaving, Cake's Italian Leather Sofa came on:

she doesn't care whether or not he's an island she doesn't care as long as his ships coming in... she doesn't care whether or not he's an island. they laugh they make money, he's got a gold watch she's got a slik dress and perfect breasts that bounce... on his italian leather sofa

I shit you not. It was brilliant.

I schlepped her bags to the taxi and told her she should stop by some time. She said she would.

some days are good.

Wednesday, February 7, 2001 - 05:04 p.m.

I didn't get fired last week.

isn't that a crazy thing to say: "1300 people in my company got the axe, and I was not included." it sucked.

- six people on my floor -
- the other guy my age who had my same job -
- the cute girl who went to shows with me -
- this other woman that just moved to seattle -
- two guys I did not know well -
- and someone that has been at the company longer than my sister.

My generation... will we have to face economic adversity our entire lives? will there be a streak of sustained prosperity again soon? is all cultural development happening in places other than the usa? who will get thrown off the island next?

I'm employed, nervous, and I have no concept what I want to happen to me in my life... waiting on fame and fortune is inefficient.

This thought brought to you by the Nike Corporation: Just Do It!

Welcome to February
Sunday, January 28, 2001 - 02:28 a.m.

I'm lazy, so I wrote nothing the past month. I promise to write more than nothing this month. No promise how much more than nothing.

Welcome to December!
Thursday, December 7, 2000 - 12:16 p.m.

ahh... the holidays. a time of giving, peacefulness and goodwill towards m... say what? I have to go to atlanta... to work in a warehouse no less?

Lets get things straight. there are several worse fates, and I am rather enjoying myself in mcdonough georgia, and I will fill you all in on the details when I get more than a 15 minute break. They gave you a foodstamp... For the air-sucking wound in your chest. -JTB

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